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Social Media

Social Media

Internet allow millions of people to connect with each other and also allows to business owners to promote their businesses to people all over the world by using Web based applications.

Social media retainer is a service provided by Digital Edge Technologies to enhance and engage the brand with the mass via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

This includes :-

1. Daily & Weekly Postings:

For the customers remain in touch, it is necessary to know the art and craft of posting.

2. Social Apps Development:

It is the idea of building new social interactions with the help of mobile and web technology.

3. Contests:

Online contests and sweepstakes can be great for business. Besides creating a fun customer experience, consider the lure of increased publicity, the spike in traffic to your website.

4. Engaging Fans:

Looking for ideas to spark conversation with your fans? Want them to pay attention to your updates? We know how to engage people on a regular basis.

5. Online Reputation Management(ORM):

Online reputation management, sometimes abbreviated as ORM, is primarily concerned with managing the results on websites that evaluate products and services and make recommendations and referrals. It is process of shaping public perception about the company.